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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> two teenagers killed. >> also under investigation, this morning, the death after special needs student, at his school. with a we know about the moment leading to up his death. >> controversial seen at geno's steaks, the own her change of heart and took it down. >> today is friday, october the 14th. >> jim and brooke are off today. joining us on this long weekend, katie and prior keeping an eye on things, as you like to say, happy frriyay. i can tell you now, great day all around, not only because it is friday, but on the roadways looking great thanks to the weather department. >> i'll take the credit, ya. when the weather turns bad, then, yep, not my fault. >> you said it. it is not only dry, it is just
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fantastic weather. if you have got outdoor plans, i mean, yes, you have to maybe war the fall boots, break out wet shirt, but pleasant outside. we continue our fall countdown here. six days until 6a slightly below average day. daylight saving time ends, come 23 days from now, benefit from the extra hour of sleep. and election day just 25 days away, thanksgiving, yes, it is upon us, soon, guys, 41 days coming up here. meanwhile storm scan quiet as can be. high pressure building in, yesterday, lackluster, brought in couple of showers, but didn't bring a lot of wind. and if the wake of it, seeing those wind speeds pretty light. which is nice to see in the wake every fall frontal passage, 49 the current temperature at the airport, fair of four's in ac. holding tight at that. thirty-eight mount pocono. as the day progresses we take you for couple of hours over
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the course of the afternoon, six a, is our eventual high. look at the icons, wall-to-wall sunshine. all-in-all you said it, good in the weather department. sounds like good on the roads too? >> roads look great. tell you what it is such a great mood lift her you look at the forecast and it is just sun, and nice, in the fall. you guys, we will are really lucky to be living where we r schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction past belmont. looking good there, looking really good in both directions eastbound and westbound around the schuylkill. starting to heat up little bit. but of course we will be cracking into the 6:00 hour now. ninety-five south before girard, what you are looking at there, same thing here, kind of steady stream of vehicles starting to hit the roadways, getting early jump. maybe some of you waiting to hit the roads after the kids go to school. not bad idea either. accident here where we have one in harleysville. main street at end jane creek road. main street partially blocked. heads up on that. looking around the area you
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can see looking good on the blue route, all green traveling at posted speeds. construction here, 95, going to be traffic shift during tonight at 8:00 p.m. it will linger out there until tomorrow mid-morning. so just heads up. new northbound lanes at cottman, lane closures between bridge and academy rid, off ramp to cottman will be closed. we will be tweet that information out, as well. back to you. >> thank you, updating breaking news, deadly crash on roosevelt boulevard has claimed two young lives overnight. >> let's got out to justin finch live near front street, you spoke to neighbor who tried to help? >> reporter: yes, we d right now the investigation is centering on the search for a cause, so far, police are not ruling out speed. because somehow here overnight two vehicles collided at the corner. north front and outer west lanes. as you mention, two young passengers were killed, and two young drivers survive. now police towed awe way this crash hyundai sedan short time ago. we are told three people were trapped inside. and required a firefighter
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rescue, two, three, died of injuries, including severe head and neck trauma. seventeen year old girl found in the back seat died on scene. and 19 year old man later died at einstein. police say his 18 year old brother was driving and is the lone survivor. now, close to 12:30 a.m., police say that sedan was traveling in the outer west lanes of roosevelt boulevard before colliding with a suv. inside 54 year old woman was driving north on front street, and as of now, investigators say, it seems her front end struck the hyundai passenger side, as it careened into nearby light pole. and a neighbor tells us, he saw both surviving drivers just minutes after the crash. >> she was kind of shook up. and the driver of this car, he was really in shock, you know, had difficulty communicating and that to let me know that he was in shock. >> right now we know this is intersection accident involving two vehicles.
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we don't know which vehicle had the red light, which vehicle had the green light. >> back live, the suv driver and sedan driver are at einstein speaking with police, at this time. they say they are the only two witnesses they have for this crash. authority say there are no cameras here, in this area. so their accounts will be key in figuring out how this all happened here overnight. rahel, joe, back over to you. >> justin, thank you. >> meanwhile, accident investigators are also looking into a bizarre crash that left a man in critical condition in philadelphia's fox chase section. police tell us 18 year old man jumped on to the hood of a moving karat rhawn and verree. then was thrown off when the car slammed into a tree, and an utility pole. the driver of that car then drove away. police are looking for that driver. it is not clear if the driver new that victim. >> police are also investigating the death of a special needs student at a school in the wynnefield height section of philadelphia. the 15 year old was found dead after a struggle with a staff
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member at wordsworth academy. the student had mental, medical issues, fell and hit his head during the struggle. police say they will release more information when their investigation is over. that could be as early as later this morning. >> and this morning, we are hearing more from one of donald trump's accusers, jessica leads was quote in the new york times article of accusing trump of inapropriately touching her. she said it happened when they were sitting next to each other in first class cabin on flight in the 19 70s. last night she spoke with cnn anderson cooper about the incident when she saw donald trump again years later at an event. >> i hand him -- i hand the ticket for his table and he looks at me. and he says i remember you. here is a woman from the airplane. now he used another word. >> what did he say? >> it is obscene. it is obscene. and i just -- i don't want to go there. >> all right.
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and leads said she decided to share her story after two friends watched the debate and urged her to go public. meantime trump is responding by going on the attack, calling his accusers horrible liars. meantime hena daniels tells us hillary clinton is dealing with more leaked emails. >> ♪ >> donald trump spent thursday on the defensive. a mid a slew of sexual assault allegations. level against him by several women this week. >> he took particular aim at one of them. a writer for people magazine who says the republican nominee forceably kissed her during a interview at his florida it that's estate in 2005. you. >> you take a look, at look at her, look at her words, you tell me what you think. i don't think so. i don't think so. >> yesterday melania trump demanded people retract an episode from the article, claiming the write her a conversation with her outside trump tower following the incident. >> these attacks are orchestrated by the clinton's and their media allies. the only thing hillary clinton
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has going for herself is the press. >> as runningmate mike pence came to trump's defense during a stop in we owe missing pennsylvania -- >> i can say with certainty that donald trump has denied that any of those actions that have been alleged have ever occurred. and i believe him. >> this is disgraceful, it is intolerable. >> first lady michelle obama issued her most searing attack yet of the republican nominee. >> it doesn't matter what party you belong to. no woman deserves to be treated this way, none of us deserve this kind of abuse. >> clinton's campaign continued to be dawn by hacking yesterday, as wikileaks publish more emails at links to her campaign. some of the exchanges revealed tension between top aides, and issues over how to deal with clinton e-mail scandels. >> hena daniels, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". despite yes vote last week from new jersey lawmakers, governor christie has not signed the gas tax bill, that
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will fund road project. democratic leaders yesterday talked about how the new transportation trust funds will provide property tax relief by double money for local level road project. however, none of that work can start until the governor signs the bill. >> he did a press conference with me in the speaker, now that we had a deal, or an agreement, well, what we agreed is what we put on his dels being, so expect to go sign it. >> well the governor has less than 40 days to sign that bill. >> and after ten years of south philadelphia staple changes its ways, gino steaks recently removed this sign from its restaurant, which request that customers order in english. previous owner joey vento defended using the sign when he put it up in 2007. he died in 2011. he now runs the store and said he decided it was time to make a change, so he went to south philly for customer reaction. >> i think it is important for us to embrace anybody's language, and culture, to the best of their ability. i appreciate the fact that he has taken the sign down.
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>> here to enjoy some cheese steaks, but all money is green, and all people bleed red. and no matter our language. >> and the legendary cheese steak joint task at the corner of ninth street and passyunk avenue for ooh years. >> as haiti struggle to recover from hurricane matthew they get a little help from the us. also, seeing some of the wrath from hurricane nicole in bermuda a coming up finds out how the islands fared from the stronger storm to hit there in 13 years. >> and, a case of road wage caught on camera. wait until you see what happened when a driver tried to pass a school bus, and trust me, probably not what you are expecting next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> doesn't that sound like a chipmunk? >> it does, caught off gord caught off guard here, jumping for joy. katie is back shortly with your weekend forecast whether we come back. >> ♪
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>> powerful storm skipped more than thousand people destroyed nearly 08% of their homes, officials say more than 100,000 student will not have schools to get back to because the buildings have been damaged, also, tens every thousands of crops and food preserves were destroyed in the storm. what you are looking at there is people waiting as us troops drop off food and supplies for the ravished islands. >> and there are some unbelievable images, coming out of bermuda there is man here, identified as kevin pearson, yes, he goes outside, as category three hurricane nicole slammed the island. his wife shot the video and seemed to express amusement
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and disbelief that he ventured out there in the storm. obviously rahel against her judgement. the hurricane the strong toast hit the islands since fabian in 2003. >> we can assume that he's okay. probably good example of what not to do. >> exactly. >> katie was going to warn us about not doing this, yes? >> exactly, yes. you know, we put these warnings out for a reason. i hope he is okay. yes, you are talking about winds speeds sustained no less at 100 miles per hour in a broad swab. rahel you said it, example of what never to do. meantime here is nicole still tracking as hurricane one hurricane. still principal take that hurricane strength. here is bermuda. out of the woods essentially just now with clean up to do. at least the worse of the storm has now passed. it is moving, speeding up, look at this, 21-mile per hour movement right now to the east northeast. it will continue to lose its steam as we say as we head toward the weekends, not
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expected to be any direct threat to any other land area, certainly knotter america. but back here, in the us, we are expecting quiet weather on our part of the coast. we've got high pressure now building in, beautiful weather to enjoy as a result. it is october, what you expect, because it is october, because it is what you expect, not out of the question we see frost advisory starting to in effect here. right on time, second one so far of the season. goes into effect tonight, starting at 1:00 in the morning as temperature have a drop to drop off. northwest suburb interior new jersey talking low temperatures that bottom out mid 30's, that said, philadelphia and the entire county of philadelphia county not included neither is delco, and basically i-95, and the threat vicinity, if you live in some of the outlying suburbs, not only protect your mums, make sure clot over them, but make sure your pets are inside through the overnight when it gets to be at it colds he is, next couple of days, how do you get better than this? sixty-eight tomorrow. seventy-two sunday in the sunshine. it is just perfection.
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by monday though things do go a bit downhill, mild, more clouds, couple of showers rolling through, i don't know, meisha, i feel like there could be worse timing than this, right? >> absolutely. we are talking 73, 77, 78 in the forecast, absolutely we can take maybe, you know, little bit of rain if we get it. absolutely, guys. so, looking out to the roadway, starting to heat up, quarter past 6:00. we can expect that. what we are looking at right here accident schuylkill eastbound, this is at south street. you can see, we have crews out there blocking the far right lane. whenever they're out there, this dark outside, use extra caution, because that's when other problems can come back. you can see these cars trying to swerve around, a lot of flashing lights here, have the gaper delay as well. and the congestion levels sustain slow down at this point. this is where we had disable vehicle, nine # a south at 452. no longer there. you can see the volume levels starting to pick up little bit. i would say in both directions. and another accident, out here, in harleysville. main street at indian creek road. main street partially blocked. heads up on that. and in the world of septa you
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guys, university city tunnel construction going on and because that far we have some changes, talk about that coming up in a little bit. first a quick break. stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right
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>> for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> the front page of the times, kathleen kane seeks house arrest, former attorney general faces 28 years in prison, she was convicted of
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perjury and obstruction, sentencing scheduled for october 24th. and from the daily times, the acme and conquer gets okay to sell wine along with beer. part of the store converted into cafe, has been selling beer with prepared foods. now wine will also be offered. that's available to drink in the cafe or to go. >> in the intelligence err, standing room only, as two abington police officers received commondations for their heroic efforts, sergeant ozzie, and officer gary martinez, disarmed, a suicidal man, in september, no one was hurt in the incident. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. so, new york driver is dealing with more than dose of instant karma this morning. >> yes, he's got some big car repair bills after road rage gets the better of him. take a look at this. watch as car with a dash cam lets school bus go ahead on the i787 on grant near albany. another driver in a bmw gets mad. he decided to swerve around him, on the ramp, and he ends up hitting a orange barrel.
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then the bus and wind up on highway divider. incredible, but fortunately there were no injuries. >> interesting. >> okay. >> for remember how et phone hold with his finker? up next, the new technology that lets you use your fingers to make a call. >> okay. >> already doing that. >> yes. and hey guys, the philly phanatic will be here in our studio today. his best friends wrote a book about how the phanatic's style can actually help business leaders succeed, coming up in our next half hour.
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>> welcome back, the weekend right upon us. saturday, sunday, look at this, talking wall-to-wall sunshine, from the poconos, to the city, down to the shore. no matter your weekend plages, looking good, cooler the first half of the weekend, seasonable, miler, still in the sunshine for sunday, enjoy it, folks, not much bad you could say about it. guys, back over to you. >> thank you, katie. now to new phone technology, some people prefer using ear piece to talk on their smart phones instead of holding up the device to their ear. >> and as marlie hall reports, one company is offering a new way to answer calls with your finger.
6:25 am
>> little hard to believe that putting a watch bands on your wrist can turn your fink near a phone receiver. >> amazing. and if i take it off, it stops. >> the signal band can attach to a smart watch or a classic watch. blue tooth connects it to your phone and when someone calls, the sound travels from your wrist to your finger. >> a mike in the band picks up your voice. >> helping develop the device. >> it translates the sounds into a vibration, so that it can pass to your hand and then through your finger all the way up your ear. so it becomes a sound again. >> technology still being perfected right now the sounds little puzzled, specially in noisy places like here in times square. >> with double tap -- >> several tech companies have come one ear devices making it easier to talk. like, apple's new wireless air
6:26 am
pods. the sony experience ear piece can be controlled by pushing button or even nodding your head. >> find increasing ways to interact with the phone. smart watches do other devices, leave phone in your pocket. >> significant that the device not for sale yet. >> actually hearing through your finker? >> yes. weird but good invention. >> expected to be available next year with price tying around $150. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. so, going forward, this will actually be a thing now? >> right. >> okay. well, in the next half however of "eyewitness news", the presidential candidates surging ahead in the latest campaign polls. >> plus trump family threat edges more legal action. why melania trump wants people magazine to retract part of their story but not all of it, jan? >> could you walk 60 miles in three days? well, hundreds of people here in the delaware valley are about to do just that.
6:27 am
i'm jan carabeo, come to you live from willow grove for the susan g. komen three day coming up how you can get involved in a much less stressful way. >> thank you, jan. and it is weather watcher friday. meet our special guest, hi, ladies, coming up next.
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i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you. >> good morning, i'm joe holden. >> i'm rahel solomon. here's what you need to know this morning in your morning minute. >> ran in the house and called nine the 11. >> deadly crash on roosevelt boulevard has claimed two young lives. >> police are telling us, the
6:31 am
only two people who likely know what happened are the survivors. >> philadelphia police are also investigating the death of a teenager. >> police tell cbs-3 the 15 year old boy was involved in a struggle with a staff member at words worth academy in wynnefield heights. >> these claims are all fabricated. >> calling the female accusers horrible liars, saying donald trump. >> to think you can do anything you want it a woman? it is cruel. it is frightening. and the truth is, it hurts. >> we're getting ready for great day. here at the susan g. komen three day event, plows come out here, these individuals have sacrificed a lot. they need you. >> and susan g. komen three day walk get underway shortly. >> our jan carabeo will tell us more about that in a live report in a few minutes, but first, over to katie. you have some extra help today in the weather center.
6:32 am
>> indeed i do. sandra joining us here this morning, from burlington, new jersey, guys. and what's so great is you will notice she has flare of pink on right now in support of breast cancer awareness, and you actually are very familiar with the komen three day? >> yep, i am, i actually participated in the first susan g. komen three day, that was back in 2005, very first one, in september, so it was during a heatwave. >> oh, my goodness. >> we learned a lot since then. >> yes. >> very prudent, still a lot of extremes in the month of october, not quite as harsh. >> and on the second day they had us walking through manayunk uphill. so we were ready for the changes. going into october, going to the cooler weather, fabulous. >> oh, wonderful. really great weather obviously for this komen three day. so thrilled to have you here. do have to give special shout out to your daughter julia, who maybe wanted to come in and join us, but tough for junior in high school to pull out at the dark and early hour. >> and hopefully she's on the
6:33 am
bus right now. >> we also give her the shout out. the philly phanatic coming in today and we know she will miss that. >> yes. >> we will give her signed copy of the book. if you guys want to become an eyewitness weather watcher, join our theme, head to the website for all of the details there. we low do you have to hear up from, maybe ends up with sandra, dark and early. to weather here, looking pretty good in full sunshine now, sun obviously not up just yet. currently seeing nice clear sigh, sunrise promises to be beautiful one. although because it is a nice clear sky, temperatures have taken an easy hit and later on tonight, we will actually see the next frost advisory of the sees gone into effect. notice again, though, philadelphia county, not included. neither is the majority of the i995 corridor let alone the immediate shore line, even the entire state of delaware will likely stay mild enough you don't have to worry about frost, that will go into effect again at 1:00 a.m. tonight. think about maybe covering up the mums if you have them out on the front porch, 49 the current temperature meanwhile
6:34 am
in philadelphia, and expecting beautiful weather, hitting the mid 60s later today in full sunshine. meisha, over to you. >> all right, katie. thank you so much. and, good morning, everybody. moments ago, accident, causing backups now since cleared. soap, actually looking pretty good. you are finding some relief in this area, the back up shot, i want to show you, how much, look at this, even though that accident has cleared, the backups still remain. so this is the schuylkill at spring garden pushing in the eastbound direction. taillights moving in the eastbound direction. you can see how many vehicles are out there. plus, it will be harder to kind of clear this area up just because of the amount of vehicles now hitting the roadways, as we push toward our main hour, that 7:00 hour rush hour. so just heads up. certainly give yourself couple of extra minutes, that's the schuylkill, tail light eastbound direction, that's spring garden. then we have an accident here in harleysville, main street at indian creek road, main street partially blocked. we have another accident in limerick. west ridge pike, swamp pike,
6:35 am
the intersection right now is blocked. plus, we have disable vehicle, you guys, route 42 southbound the ramp to route 130, that ramp is also partially block. so just good reminder leave your homes today little early despite the fact that it is friday. rahel, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha. updating breaking news, the boulevard is open again after deadly overnight crash. police tell us suv t-bonds hyundai at front and the boulevard around 12:30, both drivers in stable condition, but two teenagers in the hyundai were killed. police are now work to go determine who had the green light. >> and state police are investigating after pedestrian was struck and killed in chester county. it happened around 7:30, chopper three over the scene of the didn't near baltimore pike, mcfarland road east marlboro township, no details on the victim's name or if the driver stopped at the scene. >> to campaign 2016. there are just 24 days until election day, and scandal continuing to rock both campaigns. donald trump strongly denying series of sexual assault
6:36 am
allegations against him. he called the female accusers who came forward this week, quote, horrible liars. campaigning in florida yesterday, republican nominee also railed against hillary clinton and the media for allegedly working together to derail his campaign. in the meantime, clinton's lead over trump grows to seven points. fox news poll result, survey support clinton in a four way race, compared to 38%, for trump. melania trump is threatening to sue people magazine if they don't apologize in print a restriction of article alleging donald trump assaulted one of their writers. a former magazine writer says trump shoved her against the wall, and tried it kiss her. when she was interviewing the couple on their first anniversary. >> a judge in north jersey rules misconduct complaint should go forward, meaning, governor chris christie will be investigated again, in connection with the bridgegate
6:37 am
scandal, filed by tee neck firefighter brennan. saying the governor new of the closures while they were happening and should have stopped them. christie has been investigated before. no charges were filed. bergin county acting prosecute letter now decide if christie should be indicted. governor christie issued a statement his office issued a statement saying quote this is a dishonorable complaint foiled by a known serial complaint and the, and political activist with history of abusing the judicial system. >> amazing men and women from our area will show the power of their steps this weekend as they take part in the susan g. komen three day. >> that's right. the annual event of course raises aware negatives in money and the fight against breast cancer. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in montgomery county where the opening ceremony will be getting started shortly. jan, looks like a lot of excitement already out there? >> rahel, joe, good morning, you said it, so much excitement. and such a big event, take a look at this, guys. talking 275 volunteers and crew, 750 walkers who over
6:38 am
three days have to walk 60 miles. and when a good cause, because, you know what guys? one in eight women in the united states will be diagnosed with breast cancer, each and every day -- each in their lifetime. joining us breast cancer survive her to is irene cassidy, also, a second year walker. what does it mean for you not only to be that breast cancer survivor that success story here, but to see all of these other people come out to support? >> means so much to me. such a great organization, they always receive funding, still so many people in the world that aren't getting the care that they need. unfortunately, don't make it through that. and some of the early detection can really like myself make a big difference in your life. >> tell us a little bit about your story? >> i was diagnosed, 2012, with cashing no, ma'am a, no history, under 50, kind of came as shock, routine mammogram. they did lumpectomy, after
6:39 am
radiation, it came back. so i wounds up losing my breast in the 2014. so 2015 i felt great. and here i am. >> and here you are. and you mention funding really helps raising awareness as well as the research that goes into irradicate g breast cancer. do you have raise $2,300. and do you have kind of train, because 60 miles is no smart faet what's it been like is it. >> my training this year has not been that good. but i feel like i can do it anyway. it is more the mental, the stimulation mentally you get from the other walkers that really keep you going. more than just the physical. even if you train, like i trained last year, i still felt it was more that mental hurdle that you had to overcome more than the physical part. so i'm good to go. >> this is your second year now. what's the comradery like? do you see familiar faces now? is it something -- >> do you little bit. specially the team is like the best. hard it recognize individual walkers because you're all walking and doing different
6:40 am
things, but the support staff, the people that are men with heart and the boom boom guy and things like that that really keep you going when you just feel like my god, i can't walk another step and they're come on, you can get there, you can do it, you have done it so far. so it is real a good sports event we have here. >> -- support event. >> there are actually cheering stations all along the route. does that keep you going too? >> yes, it does, the food, i'm telling you, it is the local support that really gets you moving, because it is really tough. i'm hereby myself. even when you are here with friends and family and stuff like that, it just means so much more to see these people saying thank you, you're doing so much. it doesn't seem sometimes like you're doing that much, but when you hear that it makes you christ, then we have the tissue guy. >> that's great. congratulations for participating, quais, opening ceremonies behind mere here at willow park grove mall, starts at 7:00. these people walking to the convention center today, spreading out in
6:41 am
neighborhoods, sunday they ends at the navy yard at 4:30 in the afternoon, so much to do and such a worthy cause, guys, back to you. >> worthy cause indeed. thank you. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, with halloween right around the corner, a warning for parent why your children should avoid wearing certain face paints. >> business list ons from the philly phanatic. everyone's favorite mascot joining us here in studio to talk about his new book his best friend wrote. how acting like the phanatic can help you succeed in the business world. >> no question. >> we will be right back.
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i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> some of the chemicals in the paint can be toxic, found 21 face paint, had trace amounts of at least one heavy metal, like lead, mercury. chemicals also found in products, like flavored lip bamm, nail polishes labeled for kids. >> these manufacturers need to clean up their act and stop
6:45 am
jeopardizing the health of kids. >> parent should not have to wonder if pace paints contain toxic heavy medals. >> consumer advocates say kids are more vulnerable to the chemicals still their bodies still developing, even small exposures can add up over time, cause significant problems. >> hurricane matthew left mess behind in northeast florida. >> if you can believe it it unearthed a dollar may have been burried since the 19 60s. take a look, man said he was looking for debris and storm damage when he saw four tires partially burried by the sand. turns out the car may have been under 10-foot sand do you know since hurricane in 1964. classic car experts say it may be ford or gm. >> wow, sounds like movie plot or something. >> i know? >> something going on there. look at that. how about it? what do you think, katy? >> that sounds like a movie plot to me too. my goodness, feel like there has got to be an interesting story there. >> who loses their car.
6:46 am
>> i don't lose my car, i lose the keys, but not the actual car. folks, looking at the eyewitness weather watchers, very pretty fall like pictures coming into us this morning from the last day we've had some of the foliage starting to pop, some of the horses out on the prairie, we've got phil sending in another shot of another farmers market here with fresh apples and pumpkins. i love this shot this morning, that came in from john. he took this in olney 6:25, little brighter outside right now, but you can actually, you might have to squint to look, look real close, a hint what looks like the moon out there. we do have nice bright sky. so you will have no problems viewing it although with the sun coming up that will change things obviously. area morning low, pretty chilly. don't have too much winds out there. ed at 39 degrees, back from his trip to colorado n house with us weather watcher friday couple every weeks ago, dolores newark 38. another of other chilly spots to report here, 41, from greg in marshall ton, the list goes on, generally finding low 40's in many of the locations.
6:47 am
we switch gears, switch to the maps, quick peak at storm scan nice wide zoom. this will be working over time here this week. high pressure now now back in place noose solid dome, no winds to worry about. it really will be very comfortable day. crisp granted only hit 65 degrees. we are as jen has been reporting kicking off the three day komen for the cure, today beautiful, tomorrow just as nice, sunday the mildest every single one of the days looks lovely. not obviously just for the komen three day r but for anything else you might have going on. another event going on in philadelphia is the aids run and walk that happens this sunday at 7:30 in the morning as the run kicks off 57 degrees. 5:79 a.m. in the morning, things beginning to beginning. mostly sunny skies, cool morning. that will said beyond sunday, we see the temperatures don't take a turn rather but the wet weather does come back to the forecast, couple of showers and scattered fashion. look how warm it get here. meisha, flirting with 08 for couple of days down the road.
6:48 am
>> all right, katie. 80s sound great to me. and i know a lot of people are with me on that. good morning, happy friday. happen that i it is friday. what we're not happy about is we have some trouble spots out there. yes, we do. the reason for that, accident 95 northbound at girard. in fact, there are two accidents in this area. one of the accidents up to has just cleared, but because of the congestion levels out there, sustained ahold on this, it will be very, very slow moving in the northbound direction. so speaking of the northbound side, don't typically look at it or pay much attention to it, but because those accident looking very busy northbound and then southbound you can see looking very busy there, as well. this is the second camera, where accident has now cleared, so i'll move past. that will what i want to pull your attention to limerick west ridge pike swam pike that intersection is blocked right now, guys, plus we have disable vehicle in jersey route 42 southbound ram to route 130, that ram partially block, busy morning indeed, even on this friday, joe, over
6:49 am
to you. >> meisha, thank youment at a time when the national anthem is in the spotlight for protests, a high school volleyball player steps up when the gym's cd player goes down. >> listen to, that maria garcia not only volleyball player but a member of the school choir, as if we couldn't tell. that training came in hand when her star spangled banner was caught on camera, maria grabbed the mike and did it live. players and fans said it was a moment they'll never forget. >> they had like all smiles on their faces, some of them tiered up, some of them had told me they had the chills. just that feeling i could get that emotion, so exciting. >> maria says she sung the national anthem at games with the choir, but never a solo act. and she said she is ready to do it again if necessary. >> i bet she is. >> yes, exciting. >> what a voice. >> awesome. time now 49:00. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us
6:50 am
live from new york with a preview. nora, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, joe. ahead donald trump tries to deflect sexual assault allegations calling his accusers liars. well his runningmate governor mike pence will join us right here at the table in studio 57. plus our issues that matter series, focuses on national security, talk about isis, syria, other big threats, with former ci a and nfl director michael hayden. only on cbs this morning how silicon rally is helping save lives in part of africa. but delivering blood with drones. the news is back in the morning. see you guys in just about ten minute from now. >> look forward to watching. >> nora, thank you very much. he has one of the most famous faces in baseball. now, everyone's favorite mascot is clearing on business leaders to builds the best companies they can by incorporating some of his signature style. there is the book. >> there you see. >> feel the love. >> we are feeling the love. this friday morning, the book called pheel the love, builds
6:51 am
great companies. philly phanatic style. joining us here this morning,. >> hey. >> (applause). >> oh, gosh. starting off on a good note. here we have the philly phanatic, joining us liver in the studio, ever and, ready? >> this is all you. >> so what is it about the philly fan at take makes some of the most lovable mascot in sports. >> we ask ourselves the same yep. really was the essence of the book. how could companies generate the same kind of love with their customers that people feel for the phanatic. so we start today analyze. look at that. and really the essence of it was he loves others. that was really our first principal. we call it the big smooch. which he is about to give you. that will was the only way you can get your customers love you the way people love the phanatic, if you are really loving them. every day he is out there sharing his own brand of love with people. that really is the essence. >> oh. i think he really loves joe
6:52 am
here. (laughing). >> we know the inspiration, very close friend, tom berkowitz. >> yes. >> my co-author. >> co-author. >> what is the inspiration for business leaders in how does this translate? >> well, we asked ourselves, i mean, you think about it for your station or any company, what could be a better compliment in your customers say god i love blank. i mean, what could be greater thing to achieve. what we realize is you won't get that unless -- i mean if you don't have a great product, great service, no one will love you. that's the essence of the fanatic, the love. >> the book highlight seven principals, for example, make every encounter count. now, how does the philly phanatic illustrate this philosophy? how does it translate to the business world? >> great question. for 40 years, and the phanatic, best friend, if you
6:53 am
talk to him, you see the phanatic, they assure every time they meet somebody, just like you're experiencing, they give you the love fully. the same thing in organizations. the only way you get that love solve if every encounter, one of the great stories, local one, former ceo of campbell soup, gentleman named doug, wrote wonder full book called touch point. every day woe strap, take his shoes off, strap on his sneakers and purposely go walk around the company. because he knew it is those casual moments, casual encounters which builds great cult europe. the man wrote 20, 30 thank you notes every day. so we encourage every leader we know knows it, it is those little moments. everyone every those encounters, makes a difference. >> now, for people who are watching at home, you just mentioned cam belts, does it also translate for maybe smaller businesses? >> absolutely. we used to do one of the training programs we do is called spark. about customer service. what we do is we literally give people money, say go shopping, come back with what it was like. so one day we are doing this
6:54 am
downtown, and people went to one of the hotdog vendors. and they had an awesome experience because the guy was busy, he smiled, when he put the mustard on it, he smiled, the place looked clean. it doesn't matter if it is a teacher working with one student at school or giant organizations, it is really about the love. >> awesome. evan, the phanatic. >> he's no dummy. >> take a floor shot. >> oh, okay. >> at least -- at least i've got some of the love at the end. thank you. i was feeling a little neglected. >> are you okay? >> ya. >> how are you doing? are you okay? >> we'll check on him later. >> feel the love. there is the book. and we'll be right back with three to go.
6:58 am
>> and before you leave the house, here's three to go. >> a crash on front street and the boulevard has left two teens dead two others hurt. police now believe 18 year old driver is the brother of one of the teens killed. >> we could learn more today about 15 year old found dead at wordsworth ahmaddiya any, police believe he was in a struggle before he fell and hit his head.
6:59 am
>> thousand also walk 06 miles to help raise money for breast cancer and research. that's three to go. >> let's get last check on weather and traffic. ladies? >> you know what this that weather couldn't be more phenominal for the three day and anything else you have going on. look at the sunrise, just getting us started 45 degrees, very modest breeze, weekends looks phenominal. by the time we hit monday new shot for showers, but pretty scattered, mild, meisha. >> thank you, looking great outside. we did have accident here, 95 north, at girard, that's now since been clear. still little slow moving there. going to the wide, you can see, 15 on the schuylkill, 13 on 95, pushing in the southbound direction, 36 on the vine, and overall, looking pretty good from there. >> excellent next on cbs this morning, more from the campaign trail and donald trump attacks on his accusers. >> but first, as we leave you now, we have you left behind the scenes, look who is hard to work there. >> the phanatic!
7:00 am
>> oh! captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, october 14th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump says accusations of sexual misconduct are lies. a new poll shows him seven points behind hillary clinton. trump's running mate governor mike pence will be right here in studio 57. >> michelle obama says trump's view of women is cruel and frightening. why the first lady's fiery speech could be a defining campaign moment. plus, prince fans go crazy, celebrating his life and music. other big names honor the rock legend with a five-hour tribute concert. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 s


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